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SALPay Special Offer

Get Salarium Time & Payroll for FREE. Salarium in partnership with Salarium Payments Corp. (SALPay) offers a complete end-to-end payroll solution paired with disbursement. For clients that use SALPay as the disbursement method for an employee, at the end of their month, they get their Salarium license fee waived for that billing period. SALPay has its on pricing and terms of service and you may view thouse on


50 Php for a Complete Payroll Solution?

Yes, you read that correctly. Salarium together with SALPay offer a complete suite of time, attendance, payroll, and its complete disbursement solution for 25 Php a disbursement. 50 Php is assuming two payroll runs in a month.

What if our company will not use SALPay?

Companies may opt to pay all or only some of their employees using SALPay. Employees that are not paid using SALPay are charged full price for Salarium licensee fee for that billing period.

At the end of every month companies will receive a billing statement. For each employee that is paid using SAL Pay a corresponding discount for each employee equal to their license fee.

Is there a lock-in period?

No, there is no lock in period, you may cancel at anytime if you're not satisfied.

Are there any other charges to Salarium?

There are no other mandatory charges for Salarium. There are optional add-ons like biometric devices or premium implementation services for larger clients. Our fees are all inclusive of hosting, maintanence, upgrades and support.

How does Salarium charge, is it in advance?

Salarium charges at the end of each billing cycle, you can add as many licenses as you want during a billing cycle and you will be billed at the end of the period.

Does Salarium charge its licenses pro-rata?

No, Salarium charges at the end of each billing cycle for the full license fee depending on the module used. Users activated at any point during the billing cycle will be totalled in the bill.

Is there any minimum number of employees to use Salarium?

Salarium caters to companies big and small, there is no minimum headcount to join. The price will remain the same regardless of the size of the workforce you wish to enroll in Salarium.

What if I have multiple companies to enroll to the system? Will the rate be the same?

Yes, the rate will remain the same even if you enroll multiple companies to Salarium.

How can I get started?

Sign-up for a free 30 day trial today, join our daily webinars to help guide you through the entire setup process in under 7 days.